Keep on Dreaming: Do Not Give up!

Today, as I sit cozy in my chair typing this post, I do so from a very reflective, and sentimental state of mind.  To give you some context…  I have to go back in time.  So lets travel to my life, 10 years ago.

It was 2008,  I was in a pretty bad spot in my life.   I was dealing with some pretty severe mental health issues, which had forced me to leave my apartment and move back in my my family.  I felt absolutely misunderstood and alone.  I gained about 90 lbs in a little over 3 months from the medication…  I was utterly miserable.  Though I didn’t even really express or release that — I was so glazed over from the medication, that I felt very little except a dull, aching despair.

However,  I still did my best to maintain hope.   I listened to music and daydreamed a lot…  about the things I desired.   I first and formost wanted friendship, and to be understood. Also, I deeply wanted to fall in love, and have a truly loving and equal partnership with someone.   However, I felt such self loathing at this point, that attempting to be in a relationship ( had anyone been interested) would have been pointless.   I dreamed of great adventure, and love, and joy.  All the things my life seemed to be lacking at that point.

This fog shrouded my life for about a year and a half — I felt stuck.   The one thing at that point that made me feel alive, was listening to music.  Music has always had the power to trasnport me to another deminsion, per se.   It has stirred my soul, and been my campanion when I felt utterly alone.   So, many months were spent curled up with Radiohead albums, and a few other artists who I enjoyed.

Then, one day it happened.  My first breakthough… of sorts.  It was spring, and I had started taking walks around the family’s farm. I was trying to find a way to shake myself out of this fog,  and I thought being in nautre would be a good start.

I wondered up a large hill, with a grouping of apple trees, the trees had vines twisting through their banches.  The limbs and vines, twisted in such a way… that they formed a canopy of sorts, and the blossoms from the apple tree had just come into full bloom.   For a moment, I was overtaken by the beauty all around me.  I noticed the birds, and bees buzzing about…  for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace.  Though I was “alone” I didn’t feel lonely.  I sat under the canopy of flowers, branches, and vines for a bit…  then it hit me…   all of the saddness and despair that I had been feeling for the last year and a half  came rushing through.   I wept under the tree for a bit.  It was the first time I had been able to FEEL anything, for a long time.

I feel like that moment, under the apple tree,  I had my first ‘awakening’ of sorts from the fog.  I realized many things. I realized that I would rather feel despair every once and a while, then feel nothing all the time.  I realized that I HAD to keep moving forward to creating the life I wanted for myself.  Also, I realized that to get there, I had to stop despising myself, and decide that I was indeed worthy of life I desired.

Start again

My life didn’t come together all at once, and there are still things I struggle with… but I have an unshakeable gratitude for how my life has transformed.

After that day, I began to love myself…  though love may be a strong word for how it started.  I began to care for myself, and think myself worthy.  I lost most of the weight I had gained,  began expressing myself creatively again, and started reaching out to meet new people… no longer isolating from the world.

In 2010,  by sheer concidence, circumstance, and serendipity, I met the love of my life.  We married that same year, and have been happily married since August of 2011.  Together we have taken many great adentures, the very things I had previously thought were futile dreams…   such as seeing many of the musicians that kept me hopeful in those days in concert, and actually meeting my favorite.

My life isn’t perfect, but I don’t want it to be.  I want my life to be a great adventure,  a love story, and a story of personal growth.

How did I come this far?  I would say, mostly through perserverance… and never giving up hope.. no matter how bleek things seemed.  The biggest catalyst for my change, I believe, was realizing I was worthy of living the life I desired…  and aslo realizing I was worthy of love… even at my worst… from others, and ESPECIALLY from myself.

I can’t tell you the exact roadmap to reach your dreams, and live the life you desire. However, I can assure you that if you refuse to give up,  cultivate optimism, and self love… you can find the map within yourself.    Take some time to reflect on the things you wish for,   take small steps daily, and surrender the results.

You don’t always have to know exactly how you are going to get to the place you want to be…but be stubborn that you will get there.  Take small daily steps,  take time to relish in the simple accomplishments, and the beauty of life all around you.

My hope is that your dreams unfold in front of you, and that when you reach them… you don’t stop there. Continue growing, learning, evolving, and most importantly loving.

Much love to each of you!


Learning to Bend and Not Break

As the winds of change blow through each of our lives, clearing away things that no longer serve us, it is imperative that we remain flexible.  We cannot control the way this “wind” will blow,  but we can adjust our sails, by adjusting our perspective.


One of the main factors that causes us to break during the storms of our lives, is fear of chang.  Clinging on to situations and people that are not assisting us in living our best lives, and being the best version of ourselves, does nothing but hinder us.   Let go of these things, as challenging as it may be;  and you will become more free.   Now, I am not saying to cast aside anyone in your life without CAREFUL consideration.  However, if you find a situation or person is toxic to your wellbeing, then cut ties with them, and send them along their own path.

Many of us, myself included, become os rigid and stuctured that we find such a sense of comfort in this, and actively fight and resist change… be it wanted and necessary or not.  Comfortable and stability have their place, but we should not become bound to any facet of our lives to such a degree that we allow it to slowly poison us, simply because we fear the reprecussions of having to step outside of our comfort zone.    Our comfort zone, is like a warm cozy bed… though we don’t necessarily want to leave it, if we never do we will not accomplish much.

When we change our perspective, and view our lives as great adventures… the challenging curcumstances become the great plot twists of our exsistance.   All of this makes our lives more fulling and exciting.  We begin to thrive, not merely exist.  We are not knocked down or broken any longer by the winds of change, and we smile as the breeze drifts across our skin.




Fulling Embracing, and Stepping into Authenticity


It is time to step into your power, toss the masks aside and embrace fully your authenticity.  You have a life experience, and perspective which is uniquely yours.  Do not dim the fire in your soul to a flicker, but rather let it blaze.  Express who you truly are, your quirks, your presumed flaws, and your gifts.  All of these components are the mosaic of your being, they are a work of art that is yours alone.

Heart Ablaze Society 6

Do not worry what others opinions are.  No matter where you are on your journey, there will most likely be someone, somewhere judging you.  You will find freedom in realizing that their judgement has so much more to do with them and where they are on their journey than it does with you.  People who tend to judge others harshly, many times are doing so in an attempts to boost their own ego, or grasping onto straws to try to feel confident.  Don’t let them dull your spirit.   Show them compassion, and dance on through your journey, to the beat of your own music.

This is a process I have been undergoing intensely recently.    I have been shedding the cloaks and masks of what I feel society and others want me to be, and have been sharing and being much more of my true self.    I have learned to let my concepts of perfection fall by what wayside.  Perfection is simply a social construct, don’t allow the programming of society to compress you, and sculpt you into a caricature.  The trick is to become perfectly free in being yourself while speaking and living your truth.  In that manner we all reach perfection of self.

There is a spark within your being, a sanctuary where your true self resides.  Like a bird in a cage, it is time to free it and let it take wing.   I cannot tell you how to do this, or what it is to live YOUR truth… because that is a journey for you alone to take.  I can, however, share with you that the freedom and joy which sets in when you truly embrace your authenticity and revel in your unique presence is unmatched.

Illuminated Kitty S6

You may find some things coming up for you as you go through this process.  Some old fear-based programming, trauma, or deep emotions for example.   Feel them, but release them because they no longer serve you.  Do not worry about things you have no control over, but rather shift to a place where you embrace all the things that you can make positive steps toward changes and work toward them with full momentum.  Replace your fear of the unknown, with exhilaration for the many adventures unfurling before you.

So I invite you to join me, on this journey toward authenticity.  I hope each of you takes time to find the beauty in your being and the glory which surrounds you in nature, in others, in art, and a multitude of other aspects.

As always,

Ever- loving,




Navigating Through Intense Energies Through the Use of Self Expression

Bliss Unfurled Society 6

Things have been pretty intense recently.  Both the joyful moments, and the more sad or lower moments seem, to have been washing over me with a great deal of intensity.   I have found that balance is key, and that is is important not to get engulfed in negativity.

I have found that while it is important to allow myself to feel these lower frequency emotions, release them, and move through them;  this is not a place with I wish to reside.  I do not want to become engulfed in this state of being.

Self expression, has allowed me not only to release the lower vibrational emotions,  but also to shift them to a state of more positivity, clarity, and happiness.

One does not have to be artistically inclined to express themselves.   The purpose is to express yourself  because it feels good, and you enjoy it personally.  It is not necessary that you express yourself in a manner with the intent to impress anyone else.

There are various ways that one can express themselves creatively.  Some of the ways I have personally found joy through expression are:  creating art (drawing, painting, etc), photography, journaling, dance, creating positive mantras or affirmations, and music.

These outlets are the ones that work best for me, but there are a multitude of others which may work for you.  Get creative, and do what feel right for you.  Brainstorm even, about way that you can express what you have going on inside, and don’t be afraid to try a new avenue of self expression.  One that may seem unfamiliar or challenging.  This can be a great way to broaden your horizon and discover facets of your being that you were previously unaware of, or new gifts to embrace and share.

The key is to express YOUR truth.  Get it out, even if you never share it with anyone else,  expressing your truth authentically will grant you a massive amount of new-found freedom.

I hope that each of you finds this freedom through self expression, and hope that it allows you to step even more boldly into your truth and help to create a life of authenticity and joy.



In Times of Great Chaos: Love Fiercely

When the world seems to be falling all around us, the most courageous thing we can do and be… are people who love fiercely, and fearlessly.  Chaos has been swirling around so many of us; myself included.  At which point I have come to a crossroads:  do I choose to crumble and cower in fear, or to do I stand triumphantly in courageous love.

I have chosen the later.



To love one another fiercely, and tremendously — without condition, judgment, or expectation, this is the way to bring about true unity.

So how do we go about this?

Recently, I have found myself struggling at times to withstand the negativity which seems to be all around me.  Within my personal life, and the lives of so many around the world. I see pain, and struggle, and despair.  I empathize — for I would like to ease all of this pain and strife; but at times feel helpless.

Until I came to the realization, that though I am one person, I can have a great impact. A single loving act toward another, a random act of kindness towards someone, and any form of active loving and expression, creates ripples.

Like a pebble cast into the water, these ripples affect the current. Loving actions affect the lives of all those that are touched by them, and they are forever changed.   A kind word, an attitude of compassion, or a simple hug; can mean far more than we may even comprehend.

I know, for many, this is a time of great struggle and dissent.  Many are angry, and fearful. I am not telling you not to feel angry, but to use this anger as a fuel to strive toward uniting all.  Embody the ideals which you wish to see.  If you wish to see equality or justice, show everyone equality and justice.  When it comes down to to our very essence, we all have far more in common than we ever do separating us.

I do my best to discover  the humanity in each person I encounter.  At the core of each of us, resides love, and this cannot be taken away.  I look for this in everyone, and I share my love with each of them.  I refuse to let fear, hatred, and ignorance poison my heart.  This is how I love fiercely.  Through my actions, and my intent — whether they be grand or small.

The man begging for change on the side of the street, has just as much right to dignity and love as any of us.  I will treat him with the same respect as I would a wealthy business man, or a dear friend.

I stand up for what I  believe in, have my ideals and virtues, but I do not allow anger to turn into seething hatred and create a larger divide in humanity.  When something angers me, or hurts in in any way.  I allow the emotion to pass through me. I send love to the person or event that has angered me. I harness the energy from this emotion be a propellant to fuel me to create change, with the intention of  bringing about the loving society and unity I wish to see.

When we stop viewing humanity through the scope of “us” and “them” and see that there is truly only “us”… we then realize that we are all in this together.  Though we may disagree, though we many not like a person actions,  we should send them love.   We should love our neighbor, love our friends, and even love our enemies — for they may be the ones to need it the most.

You do not have to agree with everyone, or even “like” a person, for that matter, to accept them as a human being a send them love.  I have accepted that I cannot control the actions of others. However, I can show compassion, empathy, and love to everyone I encounter.

It is up to each of us to create the changes within ourselves, to be the embodiment of the legacy we wish to create.

I am taking steps daily, to create a legacy of love and inspiration.  Some days I don’t feel like I have made as much impact  as other days, but every day I do my best.

So, my advice is this:  to love one another to the highest capacity, in the best way we can from day to day.  To me, this is the highest form of living.  It creates joy that resounds in our own hearts and in the hearts of those we love.

When you can look at everyone, with compassion in your heart, and without casting judgment… you are freeing not only those that you are  loving, but also yourself.

So, in parting, I send my  love to each of you… and to all.

I love you!





Journeying Through Challenges and Triumphs, ( And Lessons Learned)

Earlier today, I was talking with a dear friend about my life at this moment.  I was discussing some recent challenges, and that I was proud of myself for handling them with more ease and grace than I would have in the past.

She then reminded me that it’s more about the journey, than the destination.  Though I had heard this concept many other times, even perhaps written about it… when she said it to me, it really resonated and got me thinking.


Many times in our life, especially when something challenging arises, it is easy to put all of our hopes, dreams, and attention on something that is in the future.  A time when our challenges are past, or our goals accomplished; and while it is good to look forward to the path ahead of us.  We must also appreciate the hurdles in our existence.  Don’t let them define you, do not become so adrift in emotion that you cannot appreciate the lessons that life is teaching you.  Even during the more challenging times.

I am most certainly not saying not to feel these emotions, but rather to let them pass through you and to rise above the fear, sadness, etc. to a place of acceptance.  When we accept our circumstances, even if they are not the ones we would have chosen, we free ourselves to react in a much more calm and aware state.  We can find the small joys that may arise during challenging times, reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for, and move forward.

When we do this we triumph over fear, and learn lessons far greater than if we had been crippled by our emotions.

If we look at our life as a journey, like a winding adventure, we navigate our path in such a manner that we find more joy, and happiness.    Choosing love and a positive outlook over fear, is not always the easiest choice… fear can hook you and suck you in at times.  However, it is always the most worthy and rewarding choice.  It is the choice in which we give ourselves the greatest freedom, joy, acceptance, and self love; as well as contributing to the betterment of all those we encounter by sharing our love and positive outlook with them as well.

I hope this has helped you to realize, that we all have rough moments.  It is how we harness and transform the energy of those moments which will help us to rise to greater levels of understanding.   It is all a shift in perception really.

So, as you meander through the many paths that life will place in front of you on your journey… remember — your are loved, you are love, and you are worthy.

Love for me to you,


Embracing Your True Essence: Self Love


When we love ourselves, we blossom.  Our levels of joy, happiness, gratitude, inner-peace, and numerous other aspects begin to flourish; as we grant ourselves a sense of worthiness.  This state of self love acts as a catalyst, which enables us to share our love with others in a much deeper sense.  For when we embrace our true inner-worth, we begin to see the worthiness of all.

Loving oneself can be a struggle at times, especially if we place our value upon another’s opinion of us, or how we compare to another person.  Some individuals create a standard of perfection for themselves, and deny themselves happiness and self love until this standard is met.  In doing so,  this individual never feels good enough, and struggles to find joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Do not box yourself in, or attempt to fit into a mold created by any individual, or society at large.  The aspects of yourself that you cast aside to “fit in”, may in fact be your greatest assets.

I encourage you to take some time and consider yourself, exactly the way you are.  What makes you unique?  What makes you smile?  What do you like about yourself, exactly the way you are now?  Of course, there may be aspects of your life you want to improve upon, and if so, work on that to your best capacity. However, do not put your life on hold until these goals are met.  Embrace yourself wholly, every facet of your being, from the aspects that you pride yourself on to every glorious irregularity that makes you exactly who you are.

Look at yourself, and your life like an ever-evolving work out art.  A masterpiece, where every brushstroke is just as important as the next, all working together to display the brilliance of your soul.

Do not mistake this sense of worthiness for arrogance.  Loving oneself is healthy, and finds the same worthiness in others.  Whereas, arrogance thinks itself superior to others.  Putting oneself on a pedestal, and deeming superiority over  another individual is a unhealthy in every way.  The person who has the sense of superiority many times uses this as a false confidence.  For when you are truly comfortable in your own skin, you have no desire to feel superior to anyone.

The greatest teachers create more teachers, not merely students.  The greatest leaders, create more leaders, not merely followers.  In this same regard, I believe that those who love themselves, help others to cultivate self love.




So much love to each of you!

❤ ❤ ❤

Amanda Goins



The Sacredness of Simplicity


The sound of rain on the roof, a glint of sunshine streaming through your window, a smile or hug from a loved one, hearing or saying the words ‘I love you’… these are the things in life to be cherished.  No amount of complexity can surpass the truth found in the simple things and moments that touch our soul.

The things that make us feel the most alive are many times the things that we cannot put a price on, or describe adequately with words.  For some things cannot be described, but must be experienced.

I, like many of us, have a tendency to over-complicate life. In doing so, I at times miss out on the simple treasures all around me.

This is not to say there is not a place for the complex… complex innovations have a great importance.  Complexity is intriguing, and elaborate things can be quite fascinating.

However, when we look at the simplest aspects of our life with a greater sense of love and gratitude, and see the beauty in the pebble as well as the gem, we live life with a greater sense of contentment.  Slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the glorious things which surround you.  There is always something to be thankful for when we live our life is this state of wonder and appreciation.   It is then that we open ourselves up to an awareness of the miracles which surround us every day.

Much like unfurling flower that has found it’s way to the sunlight from it’s meager beginnings as a seed buried deep within the dirt, we are every day miracles.   Like the flower in this sense,  we strive to better ourselves in simple ways each day, and draw ourselves more toward the light of love and gratitude.


I hope that each of you can draw from this a sense of appreciation for the little things that make life wonderful.  They are the building blocks of our happiness, and many times the things we will remember most of all.

Much love to each of you!  ❤