The Teachers Speak: Terence McKenna on Psychedelics, Art and Empowerment – Part 1/2

Karma Yoga Daily

The Teachers Speak (KEEP)

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I could give the usual description of Terence McKenna – he was a writer, author, lecturer and advocate of psychedelic drugs – but it doesn’t really capture what he was about. He was a pioneer in the psychedelic movement, and he believed that the use of psychedelics is the best way to expand our consciousness and come closer to the great mystery.

Some of his theories and opinions contradict a lot of things that form the foundation of the conscious community and the New Age movement, and he felt that psychedelics are all we need to speed up the evolutionary process.

He discouraged following spiritual teachers, and he felt that the sacred teacher plants are our true guides. He also had a unique perspective on the UFO phenomenon.

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