Even a Pebble Can Make Great Waves (Changing the World Through Simple Gestures)


At times, we all may feel small and insignificant.  I know I have.  Deep down we want to create change, influence others in a positive manner, and impact the world in a loving and significant manner.   However, at times it is difficult to know where to start.  You may feel powerless, or ill-equipped to accomplish such things.  My task today — is to prove this theory wrong.

So, where does one start?  My suggestion is; start with YOURSELF.


Embrace every part of your being, even what YOU perceive as flaws, and saturate yourself in love.  For once we as individuals love, honor, and respect ourselves we begin to radiate these qualities.  Self love enables us to affect others in the most positive manner of influence.  That energy we carry with us, becomes contagious in the best possible way.

Know that you are worthy, capable and effective.  You are worthy of love, worthy of having big dreams or goals, and worthy of setting those dreams into motion and watching them come to fruition.  You are capable of making change in yourself and the world around you, and you are capable of making a positive impact on the planet –even if you do not realize it YET.  As for being effective, your actions have a ripple effect.  Much like the tiniest of pebbles tossed into a pond — your actions ripple through the lives of so many.

When I think of these pebbles (or actions), I think of them as simple gestures of great magnitude.  A simple smile at a stranger can brighten their day and impact not only the person you smiled at, but also everyone they interact with.  Other examples of simple gestures of great magnitude include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Compliment someone genuinely.
  2. When all words fail, hug someone.  I have found the power of a nice heartfelt hug can sooth others in times of despair as much as the most eloquent string of words.
  3. Tell someone how proud you are of them.  Sometimes we forget to let people know the impact they have had on us, or that we are proud of them for simply being themselves.  We should do this more often.
  4. Volunteer.  Find a cause that you support and donate or volunteer to keep it going. The sense of knowing that you helped others will give you that warm fuzzy feeling — and that is always good.
  5. Share your talent or skill set with the world.  Whatever gifts you embody, explore and express them to your greatest potential.
  6. Learn.  The more you learn the more you have to share with the rest of the world, and the more effectively you can contribute in the manner you wish.  Try to learn something new as often and from as many sources as possible.
  7. Lastly — but CERTAINLY not least… tell someone you love them.  Let them know that they too are worthy of love, specifically of your love.

As stated above these suggestions are merely a catalyst for you.  Come up with our own ideas, take some time to brainstorm a bit if you would like.  Or, put any of the above 7 gestures into action.

It is my sincere wish that this post will help you realize your value and impact.  Now all you need to do is put your dreams into action.  Remember, stay uniquely you!


I love you!

Amanda ❤ ❤ ❤










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