Embracing Your True Essence: Self Love


When we love ourselves, we blossom.  Our levels of joy, happiness, gratitude, inner-peace, and numerous other aspects begin to flourish; as we grant ourselves a sense of worthiness.  This state of self love acts as a catalyst, which enables us to share our love with others in a much deeper sense.  For when we embrace our true inner-worth, we begin to see the worthiness of all.

Loving oneself can be a struggle at times, especially if we place our value upon another’s opinion of us, or how we compare to another person.  Some individuals create a standard of perfection for themselves, and deny themselves happiness and self love until this standard is met.  In doing so,  this individual never feels good enough, and struggles to find joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Do not box yourself in, or attempt to fit into a mold created by any individual, or society at large.  The aspects of yourself that you cast aside to “fit in”, may in fact be your greatest assets.

I encourage you to take some time and consider yourself, exactly the way you are.  What makes you unique?  What makes you smile?  What do you like about yourself, exactly the way you are now?  Of course, there may be aspects of your life you want to improve upon, and if so, work on that to your best capacity. However, do not put your life on hold until these goals are met.  Embrace yourself wholly, every facet of your being, from the aspects that you pride yourself on to every glorious irregularity that makes you exactly who you are.

Look at yourself, and your life like an ever-evolving work out art.  A masterpiece, where every brushstroke is just as important as the next, all working together to display the brilliance of your soul.

Do not mistake this sense of worthiness for arrogance.  Loving oneself is healthy, and finds the same worthiness in others.  Whereas, arrogance thinks itself superior to others.  Putting oneself on a pedestal, and deeming superiority over  another individual is a unhealthy in every way.  The person who has the sense of superiority many times uses this as a false confidence.  For when you are truly comfortable in your own skin, you have no desire to feel superior to anyone.

The greatest teachers create more teachers, not merely students.  The greatest leaders, create more leaders, not merely followers.  In this same regard, I believe that those who love themselves, help others to cultivate self love.




So much love to each of you!

❤ ❤ ❤

Amanda Goins




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