Journeying Through Challenges and Triumphs, ( And Lessons Learned)

Earlier today, I was talking with a dear friend about my life at this moment.  I was discussing some recent challenges, and that I was proud of myself for handling them with more ease and grace than I would have in the past.

She then reminded me that it’s more about the journey, than the destination.  Though I had heard this concept many other times, even perhaps written about it… when she said it to me, it really resonated and got me thinking.


Many times in our life, especially when something challenging arises, it is easy to put all of our hopes, dreams, and attention on something that is in the future.  A time when our challenges are past, or our goals accomplished; and while it is good to look forward to the path ahead of us.  We must also appreciate the hurdles in our existence.  Don’t let them define you, do not become so adrift in emotion that you cannot appreciate the lessons that life is teaching you.  Even during the more challenging times.

I am most certainly not saying not to feel these emotions, but rather to let them pass through you and to rise above the fear, sadness, etc. to a place of acceptance.  When we accept our circumstances, even if they are not the ones we would have chosen, we free ourselves to react in a much more calm and aware state.  We can find the small joys that may arise during challenging times, reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for, and move forward.

When we do this we triumph over fear, and learn lessons far greater than if we had been crippled by our emotions.

If we look at our life as a journey, like a winding adventure, we navigate our path in such a manner that we find more joy, and happiness.    Choosing love and a positive outlook over fear, is not always the easiest choice… fear can hook you and suck you in at times.  However, it is always the most worthy and rewarding choice.  It is the choice in which we give ourselves the greatest freedom, joy, acceptance, and self love; as well as contributing to the betterment of all those we encounter by sharing our love and positive outlook with them as well.

I hope this has helped you to realize, that we all have rough moments.  It is how we harness and transform the energy of those moments which will help us to rise to greater levels of understanding.   It is all a shift in perception really.

So, as you meander through the many paths that life will place in front of you on your journey… remember — your are loved, you are love, and you are worthy.

Love for me to you,



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