In Times of Great Chaos: Love Fiercely

When the world seems to be falling all around us, the most courageous thing we can do and be… are people who love fiercely, and fearlessly.  Chaos has been swirling around so many of us; myself included.  At which point I have come to a crossroads:  do I choose to crumble and cower in fear, or to do I stand triumphantly in courageous love.

I have chosen the later.



To love one another fiercely, and tremendously — without condition, judgment, or expectation, this is the way to bring about true unity.

So how do we go about this?

Recently, I have found myself struggling at times to withstand the negativity which seems to be all around me.  Within my personal life, and the lives of so many around the world. I see pain, and struggle, and despair.  I empathize — for I would like to ease all of this pain and strife; but at times feel helpless.

Until I came to the realization, that though I am one person, I can have a great impact. A single loving act toward another, a random act of kindness towards someone, and any form of active loving and expression, creates ripples.

Like a pebble cast into the water, these ripples affect the current. Loving actions affect the lives of all those that are touched by them, and they are forever changed.   A kind word, an attitude of compassion, or a simple hug; can mean far more than we may even comprehend.

I know, for many, this is a time of great struggle and dissent.  Many are angry, and fearful. I am not telling you not to feel angry, but to use this anger as a fuel to strive toward uniting all.  Embody the ideals which you wish to see.  If you wish to see equality or justice, show everyone equality and justice.  When it comes down to to our very essence, we all have far more in common than we ever do separating us.

I do my best to discover  the humanity in each person I encounter.  At the core of each of us, resides love, and this cannot be taken away.  I look for this in everyone, and I share my love with each of them.  I refuse to let fear, hatred, and ignorance poison my heart.  This is how I love fiercely.  Through my actions, and my intent — whether they be grand or small.

The man begging for change on the side of the street, has just as much right to dignity and love as any of us.  I will treat him with the same respect as I would a wealthy business man, or a dear friend.

I stand up for what I  believe in, have my ideals and virtues, but I do not allow anger to turn into seething hatred and create a larger divide in humanity.  When something angers me, or hurts in in any way.  I allow the emotion to pass through me. I send love to the person or event that has angered me. I harness the energy from this emotion be a propellant to fuel me to create change, with the intention of  bringing about the loving society and unity I wish to see.

When we stop viewing humanity through the scope of “us” and “them” and see that there is truly only “us”… we then realize that we are all in this together.  Though we may disagree, though we many not like a person actions,  we should send them love.   We should love our neighbor, love our friends, and even love our enemies — for they may be the ones to need it the most.

You do not have to agree with everyone, or even “like” a person, for that matter, to accept them as a human being a send them love.  I have accepted that I cannot control the actions of others. However, I can show compassion, empathy, and love to everyone I encounter.

It is up to each of us to create the changes within ourselves, to be the embodiment of the legacy we wish to create.

I am taking steps daily, to create a legacy of love and inspiration.  Some days I don’t feel like I have made as much impact  as other days, but every day I do my best.

So, my advice is this:  to love one another to the highest capacity, in the best way we can from day to day.  To me, this is the highest form of living.  It creates joy that resounds in our own hearts and in the hearts of those we love.

When you can look at everyone, with compassion in your heart, and without casting judgment… you are freeing not only those that you are  loving, but also yourself.

So, in parting, I send my  love to each of you… and to all.

I love you!






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