Navigating Through Intense Energies Through the Use of Self Expression

Bliss Unfurled Society 6

Things have been pretty intense recently.  Both the joyful moments, and the more sad or lower moments seem, to have been washing over me with a great deal of intensity.   I have found that balance is key, and that is is important not to get engulfed in negativity.

I have found that while it is important to allow myself to feel these lower frequency emotions, release them, and move through them;  this is not a place with I wish to reside.  I do not want to become engulfed in this state of being.

Self expression, has allowed me not only to release the lower vibrational emotions,  but also to shift them to a state of more positivity, clarity, and happiness.

One does not have to be artistically inclined to express themselves.   The purpose is to express yourself  because it feels good, and you enjoy it personally.  It is not necessary that you express yourself in a manner with the intent to impress anyone else.

There are various ways that one can express themselves creatively.  Some of the ways I have personally found joy through expression are:  creating art (drawing, painting, etc), photography, journaling, dance, creating positive mantras or affirmations, and music.

These outlets are the ones that work best for me, but there are a multitude of others which may work for you.  Get creative, and do what feel right for you.  Brainstorm even, about way that you can express what you have going on inside, and don’t be afraid to try a new avenue of self expression.  One that may seem unfamiliar or challenging.  This can be a great way to broaden your horizon and discover facets of your being that you were previously unaware of, or new gifts to embrace and share.

The key is to express YOUR truth.  Get it out, even if you never share it with anyone else,  expressing your truth authentically will grant you a massive amount of new-found freedom.

I hope that each of you finds this freedom through self expression, and hope that it allows you to step even more boldly into your truth and help to create a life of authenticity and joy.



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