Fulling Embracing, and Stepping into Authenticity


It is time to step into your power, toss the masks aside and embrace fully your authenticity.  You have a life experience, and perspective which is uniquely yours.  Do not dim the fire in your soul to a flicker, but rather let it blaze.  Express who you truly are, your quirks, your presumed flaws, and your gifts.  All of these components are the mosaic of your being, they are a work of art that is yours alone.

Heart Ablaze Society 6

Do not worry what others opinions are.  No matter where you are on your journey, there will most likely be someone, somewhere judging you.  You will find freedom in realizing that their judgement has so much more to do with them and where they are on their journey than it does with you.  People who tend to judge others harshly, many times are doing so in an attempts to boost their own ego, or grasping onto straws to try to feel confident.  Don’t let them dull your spirit.   Show them compassion, and dance on through your journey, to the beat of your own music.

This is a process I have been undergoing intensely recently.    I have been shedding the cloaks and masks of what I feel society and others want me to be, and have been sharing and being much more of my true self.    I have learned to let my concepts of perfection fall by what wayside.  Perfection is simply a social construct, don’t allow the programming of society to compress you, and sculpt you into a caricature.  The trick is to become perfectly free in being yourself while speaking and living your truth.  In that manner we all reach perfection of self.

There is a spark within your being, a sanctuary where your true self resides.  Like a bird in a cage, it is time to free it and let it take wing.   I cannot tell you how to do this, or what it is to live YOUR truth… because that is a journey for you alone to take.  I can, however, share with you that the freedom and joy which sets in when you truly embrace your authenticity and revel in your unique presence is unmatched.

Illuminated Kitty S6

You may find some things coming up for you as you go through this process.  Some old fear-based programming, trauma, or deep emotions for example.   Feel them, but release them because they no longer serve you.  Do not worry about things you have no control over, but rather shift to a place where you embrace all the things that you can make positive steps toward changes and work toward them with full momentum.  Replace your fear of the unknown, with exhilaration for the many adventures unfurling before you.

So I invite you to join me, on this journey toward authenticity.  I hope each of you takes time to find the beauty in your being and the glory which surrounds you in nature, in others, in art, and a multitude of other aspects.

As always,

Ever- loving,





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