Learning to Bend and Not Break

As the winds of change blow through each of our lives, clearing away things that no longer serve us, it is imperative that we remain flexible.  We cannot control the way this “wind” will blow,  but we can adjust our sails, by adjusting our perspective.


One of the main factors that causes us to break during the storms of our lives, is fear of chang.  Clinging on to situations and people that are not assisting us in living our best lives, and being the best version of ourselves, does nothing but hinder us.   Let go of these things, as challenging as it may be;  and you will become more free.   Now, I am not saying to cast aside anyone in your life without CAREFUL consideration.  However, if you find a situation or person is toxic to your wellbeing, then cut ties with them, and send them along their own path.

Many of us, myself included, become os rigid and stuctured that we find such a sense of comfort in this, and actively fight and resist change… be it wanted and necessary or not.  Comfortable and stability have their place, but we should not become bound to any facet of our lives to such a degree that we allow it to slowly poison us, simply because we fear the reprecussions of having to step outside of our comfort zone.    Our comfort zone, is like a warm cozy bed… though we don’t necessarily want to leave it, if we never do we will not accomplish much.

When we change our perspective, and view our lives as great adventures… the challenging curcumstances become the great plot twists of our exsistance.   All of this makes our lives more fulling and exciting.  We begin to thrive, not merely exist.  We are not knocked down or broken any longer by the winds of change, and we smile as the breeze drifts across our skin.




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