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Transcending Limitation: The Importance of Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Each of us has hopes, dreams, and passions for ourselves as individuals, and for the impact we wish to have upon others and the planet.  We all want to shine, and use our gifts to their utmost expression.  We all want to make our mark on the Earth, contribute, and impact others in the most positive and inspiring way we can.  Many of us, however, sell ourselves short.  We box ourselves in with limitations and obstacles.

Many times the only thing which stands between us, and the achievement of our dreams is action.  It may be radical action, the sort which pushes us beyond our limits and far outside of our comfort zone.  This is where the adventure begins.

It is easy and comfortable to fall into routine. A certain amount of consistency is good, and may be necessary.  However, those who have changed the world; the dreamers, the doers, the freethinkers, and the revolutionaries all have one thing in common.  They have dared to knock down the walls that box them in.  They have let go of fear and the concept of limitation, and have summoned the courage to leap forward into the unknown.

I am working on this myself.  I am challenging myself daily by clearly defining what I wish to accomplish, as well of bringing into my awareness what I obstacles I push must aside in order to bring what I desire into fruition.  I have learned that it is imperative to let go of fear of change, and the need to always be in control.  I am taking steps each day toward what I wish to accomplish.

A good place to start to is to simply brainstorm.  However you choose; make a list, start googling ideas, be creative and try paths that you have not approached before.  Also, be open, your dreams and goals may change and evolve.  Just keep moving forward.  Invest your energy each day in working toward making your life the highest quality for yourself, and toward making yourself the best version of your being.

It is important to remember, even those taking radical action to change themselves and the world need rest.  Give yourself plenty of rest and self care.  You simply cannot be the best version of yourself if you are over-extended and exhausted.  So rest well, eat well, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Those things have always worked for me, to reset and refresh.

My wish for you, and each of us, is that we all move forward with radical action to follow our passions.  To mold our lives in such a way that we are the happiest and most fulfilled version of ourselves.  When we reach this state, we also evolve into our best form of contribution to society at large, and everyone flourishes.  So move forward, with peace and inspiration in your soul, and propel your life in the direction of your dreams.

GALAXYCATno limits


As always, so much love!  ❤ ❤ ❤







Cutting Cords With That Which Dulls Your Shine


In life, at times it is necessary to let go of people and things which are no longer serving our highest good.  These may be new and fleeting things which are easy to let go of, or aspects of our lives which have been an integral part since childhood — that may seem much more difficult.  However, if a person or thing is truly bringing you down, you may find that after the dust clears you feel much freer.  I have been dealing with this in my own life recently.

Letting go of people and things has always been a challenge to me.  I tend to look at others through the scope of their best aspects, and give people the benefit of doubt.   The understanding that I finally came to — that which made me free, is that just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you have to have them as an active part of your life.

By choosing a life-style centered in love, you do not have to allow yourself to be a doormat for others negativity all the time.  Only you can discern who and what to have as a part of your experience.  Also, keep an open mind — I try not not give up on anyone completely.

Forgiveness is key. If someone has become toxic in your life, many times they are not aware.  Talk it over with them if you wish, however if you feel that they will not listen, do not feel obligated to do anymore but send them on their way with love toward them.  Even when I choose to cut ties with someone, I do not wish ill upon them.   Separation may give the person independence to grow, and may do the same for you as well.

I have recently learned, that I am only truly responsible for myself.  The more I allow myself to grow and be happy, the more happiness I have to share with all those I love.  I am not here to save anyone, or fix anyone.  We are each on our own journeys.   This is why judging another is always a mistake.  I had to learn, however, that you do not have to agree with everyone, or allow people to sway you in a manner that does not feel right in your soul.  Taking responsibility for yourself, sometimes means cutting ties with those who are impacting your life in a negative manner.

As I mentioned above, though this has been a trying experience for me. The result is that I feel much more free and true to myself.  Authenticity and honesty will never steer you wrong.

So much love everyone,

Amanda ❤ ❤ ❤


Cultivating Gratitude and Optimism

Plant the seeds of gratitude and optimism, and your life will blossom.  I see these components hand-in-hand.  For when one is grateful, an optimistic state of being seems to naturally unfold.

So, why are these factors of such importance? I believe, that when we are grateful for the things in life that bring us joy, or have taught us lessons we begin to live in a state of greater happiness.  Appreciation for the most simple, to the most extravagant aspects of our experience can radically transform our outlook.  We go forward seeing beauty and worthiness in everyone, and everything.

There will be times, of course, that you may feel burdened or troubled.  This is a great time to shift your focus from the things in your life that are tumultuous to the things your are grateful for. You may even consider what kind of lesson this trying experience may be teaching you, and be grateful for the lesson.


Make gratitude part of your daily practice.  You can start by making a simple list and expanding on it, or simply bring the things you are grateful for into your awareness each day.  Experiment with it; be creative.  What ways can you practice more gratitude in your life?


Be sure to express your gratitude to people in your life.  Your family, friends, mentors — whomever it may be in YOUR life, tell them exactly how thankful you are to have them, and how they have impacted your life for the better.  In this manner you are cultivating happiness and gratitude in not only your life, but also the life of another.  I will leave you with some food for thought:



Thank YOU so much for reading — I leave you with love and gratitude, from my heart to yours!

❤ ❤ ❤